Saturday 111514

November 21, 2014

Training of the Day

3 Teams
20 min AMRAP
12 Cal Row
Max Wall Balls 20/14
Max Turkish Get Ups 35/18
Max Box Jumps/Step Ups 20″
Hand Stand Hold

Each team member will rotate through the exercises in order. The person on the row will determine when everyone will rotate stations. You cannot switch stations until person on the row is finished with 12 cals. The person on the HS Hold will determine when each person can work. Once everyone rotates, the person on the HS hold ( or Push up plank hold ) will hold a HS for as long as they can. If that person comes down from the HS then everyone must stop working. You will continue working until the person on the row is done with 12 cals. Score is total reps of WB, TGU, and BJ’s completed in 20 min.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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