Monday 101915

October 18, 2015

Training Of The Day


Non Lulu Competitors
L1: Clean Progression
L2: 3 TnG Pwr Clean OTM x 5 min @ 60%
L3: 3 TnG Cleans OTM x 5 min @ 60%


Non Lulu Competitors
20:00 AMRAP
10 DB Thruster
10 Box Jumps
200m Run

Lulu Competitors

For time complete:

60 box jumps 30/24, alternating*
60 Pull ups, total*
60 dumbbell snatches, 45/25, total*
60 dumbbell front squats, 45/25, total*
60 dumbbell push presses, 45/25, total*
60 dumbbell hang squat clean, 45/25, total*

Partner & dumbbell carry 100m
Overhead walking lunge 100m, switch as needed.

*after each movement is finished, ONE partner must complete a 50ft seal walk before the next station can begin.

Time: 20 minute time cap.


-partners can distribute the reps any way they desire, except box jumps which MUST alternate -box jump reps are complete when the knees and hips are fully extended on top of the box. -dumbbell movements are completed with ONE dumbbell.
-the team can not move to the next movement until one partner has completed the seal walk and come back to their respective station

-there is NO seal walk after the partner & dumbbell carry or the overhead walking lunge.

-dumbbell snatches start with both sides of the dumbbell on the floor and finish overhead with fully locked out arms, legs, and hips.
-front squats can be held with one arm or two and must have the crease of the hip pass below the tops of the knees and finish with knees and hips fully extended

-push press must start with one end of the dumbbell resting on the shoulder and finish overhead with arm, hips and legs fully extended.
-squat cleans start with dumbbell at arms length standing and must pass through a full squat, finishing with dumbbell resting on the shoulder with hips and legs fully extended.

-on the partner & dumbbell carry the team can decide how they facilitate this but no forward progress can be made on the 100m unless one partner is fully supported and the dumbbell is being held
-overhead walking lunges MUST BE held with two hands overhead, but the arms DO NOT need to be locked out.

Score: Total time. (Time caps will be scored by their total reps completed by the time cap.)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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