Healthy Baby Schindler Fundraiser WOD

December 29, 2014


In Honor of Payton Elizabeth and Gabriel Joseph

Coach Jason and his family had a very tough year last year. His sister, Marissa Schindler, and brother in law, Trenton,  lost not only one but two beautiful angels.  Payton (3/5/14-3/6/14) had trisomy 13 which occurs in about 1/17,000 babies. Trisomy 13 is a chromosomal condition associated with severe intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities in many parts of the body. These abnormalities can affect the brain, spinal cord, eyes, fingers and toes, cause cleft lip or palate, and weak muscle tone. With these life threatening conditions, it is rare that the newborn lives beyond their first few days or weeks of life. Gabriel had 3 chromosome 9’s and parts of his 13 were missing.  With the severity of the extra chromosome and parts missing with the 13, the couple was told he would not survive.  At 17 weeks pregnant, (12/8/14) Gabriel went home to be with Payton.

Although Marissa is healthy and her chromosomes 9 and 13 are balanced, the genetic counselor discovered that this is something passed down from Marissa. The doctors explained that their future children would have an 80/20 chance of this happening again. After much pain and heartache from the loss of Payton and Gabriel, they have decided to bypass the risks and try In Vitro. This journey will get costly as Marissa and Trenton live in Colorado, see a fertility specialist here in Arizona, and found a lab in New Jersey that tests for this rare defect.

Unfortunately we cannot take away the pain and heartache that Marissa and Trenton have endeavored, CrossFit 375 would like to host a Fundraiser WOD to help pay for expenses as they take on this journey. We hope to help this unbelievably strong couple grow into a family but also honor their Angels as they watch down on them.

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This will be a partner WOD and will consist of 2, 13 min AMRAPs. There will be an RX and scaled version. The team of two may be male or female and mixed scaled or RX. There will be a prize for first place RX and first place scaled.
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13 min AMRAP
3 MU’s / pull ups
5 HSPU / HR push ups
20 DU’
14 KBS
13 min AMRAP
12 wall balls 20/14
8 T2B scale: Abmat Sitg Ups
20 pistols alternating scale: Air squats
14 box jumps scale:  Box Step Ups
Only 1 partner can work at a time. Partners can split up the work however but must stay in order.
All heats will complete the first workout first then the second.
Score is total rounds completed in both workouts.

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